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In our testing, using a pair of Orbi nodes to hide the areas of the house wherever a standard router starts trailing off, the Netgear Orbi gear performed admirably, with very little loss of speed once connected to the secondary box.

Setup is refreshingly painless, as well, and also the Orbi router and satellite extenders are stylishly designed. every of the satellites brings with it a generous four local area network ports and a USB connection too (though that port is presently accustomed connect printers, instead of providing some way to feature networked storage).

Orbi is also an excellent home networking answer because it is often picked up in either a 2-pack or a 3-pack, thus looking on however huge or tiny your house is you’ll get onto coated consequently. The new Netgear Orbi Voice system additionally permits you to feature in sensible speaker practicality (Amazon Alexa engineered in) to your base router, too.

Overall, then, robust home networking performance and simple setup, additionally as an outsized dollop of fashion and measurability, very do mix to form this the most effective mesh networking system going these days in 2020.

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  1. EERO

Eero may be a company with a robust tradition within the mesh Wi-Fi networking game, which heritage is definitely on show with its latest offering: the 2019 Eero pack isn’t quite the quickest choice out there, neither is it absolutely the least expensive, however it’s a compelling mix of performance and options at the proper value.

The system is incredibly straightforward to set up and use, and it’s one in all the foremost intuitive and polished apps we’ve bump into in all our years of mesh Wi-Fi network testing. you’ll pause net access, started a guest network for your friends and far a lot of, all with a few taps on your phone.

If you’re looking for one thing that may be organized in minutes which ‘just works’ – and that we expect that almost all of your – then you can’t do significantly higher than the 2019 Eero system. For a quicker and costlier choice, have a glance at the Eero professional set.
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  1. TENDA MW6 star

The white cubes that make up the Tenda MW6 nova system are undeniably stylish, and they’ll do an excellent job of obtaining Wi-Fi coverage all around your home – though the highest speeds don’t quite match the perfect that the competition can give.

Even if the speeds aren’t the utmost that the market can give, this can be still one in all the most effective mesh network kits within the UK: you get a straightforward to use guest mode (to keep guests away from your key equipment), easy parental controls, and support for Amazon Alexa control.

All that and also the form of reliable, far-reaching Wi-Fi that you’ve return on this page to search out out regarding. To seal the deal, you’ll devour a pack of 3 router nodes for a awfully good value too.


As you’ll tell from our Google Nest Wi-Fi review, we’re quite enamored this upgrade on Google’s Wi-Fi networking kit – it’s quicker, it’s a lot of reliable, it offers a lot of coverage, and also the satellite nodes currently go with Google Assistant in-built (so they’re very mini sensible speakers).

The app is as polished as you’d expect from Google, enabling you to do everything from measurement signal strength to stopping the children from staying on the net for too long. Setup is incredibly straightforward too, that is usually one thing we tend to wish to see.

While you may get quicker speeds from different kit, and there’s no Wi-Fi 6 support here, there’s no doubt this can be one in all the most effective mesh networking kits within the business – particularly if you’re already heavily invested in the Google scheme.


The BT mesh network takes the approach of sitting aboard your router instead of exchange it, that makes it a touch of a cut price additionally – you’ll presently get 3 satellites devices for £199, which can solely get you one unit with a number of the opposite solutions. this can be well valuing a spot on our greatest mesh networking kit of 2019 list.

This setup suits homes wherever you’re bolted into exploitation the router that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has given you. If you’ve signed up with Virgin Media for net and tv services, for example, you can’t get at the router (it’s within the most TV box) – BT Whole Home solves that problem.

BT has nailed the worth then, however the planning of those satellite notes isn’t essentially something we’re getting to be basing our interior design plans around. These white dishes on very little metal stands aren’t specifically ugly, however do appear as if networking aerials, which clear BT brand in the middle very doesn’t facilitate the aesthetics either.


With its mistily Bluetooth speaker-like appearance, the Linksys Flop networking gear doesn’t score several points in terms of its style, however the satellite nodes do have a little enough footprint that you will effectively hide them away round the home.

We found performance to be excellent so throughout our testing: we tend to barely saw any speed loss even with a quick 100/150Mbps fiber home net association. it absolutely was a shame then that setup was a lot of fiddly than with the Vesop’s competitors – we would have liked a factory reset and a touch of troubleshooting to urge everything operating properly.

Also within the negatives column, the Linksys Velop gear lacks a number of extras that the likes of the Netgear boxes embody, and you simply get two local area network ports on very cheap of every box in contrast to the four on the Orbi nodes. you’ll but set priority devices within the app, and customise your Wi-Fi access in a very form of different useful ways in which.

As so much as shopping for decisions go, you’ll devour the Linksys Velop hardware in a very bundle of 1, 2 or 3 units. If you would like to begin off with only 1 router node, we’re happy to report that it gave U.S. with reference to the most effective wireless vary we’ve seen from one in all these mesh setups – even only 1 satellite is ready to hide an awfully wide space, thus you may not even want a mesh in the least.

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