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In today’s world the education system has taken a 360˚ shift. The entire learning process has been changed. With the influence of technology, attaining education has come online and is not just limited to books and class rooms. Now you can access education from anywhere and anytime. There are several new portals students can use to acquire knowledge. People of our era are very tech savvy and habitual of using technology for every other task. We have many gadgets available to us for the purpose of seeking education. We can use devices like laptops, tablets and function specific devices like kindle. These devices aid our learning by providing us many sources of information. For example students can now even take help for their essays, Law students can simply go online and write dissertation writing services and they will get the best help for their law essay. Similarly we have our mobile phones which are the most common of gadgets. Smart phones are now easily accessible and available at very cheap prices making the service available to people with underprivileged backgrounds. Because of the availability of such devices kids can easily use these gadgets and get the education they need and deserve. There are many mobile applications that serve the purpose and educate our children. These apps are a god send for parents. They are very user friendly and add the element of fun in education. The applications are developed in a way that the children enjoy studying, without even knowing that they are studying. The apps are extremely colorful and full of different animations which trick children into believing these apps are some sort of game applications. Children absolutely enjoy these apps and find them very stimulating as they incorporate learning in a fun way. Here is a list of applications that parents can trust and let their children enjoy.

1) Class dojo

Class dojo is an interactive application that allows students, teachers and parents to interact with each other. The purpose of this app is to monitor children’s educational achievements and class room behavior. According to the developers, the app focuses more on building a positive class culture rather than just class room management. This app allows parents and teachers to communicate outside classrooms to freely talk about the child’s progress. Class Dojo uses a unique monitoring technique where they assign points for positive behavior. Teachers are given the choice to choose from Class dojo’s suggestions or come up with their own class-specific testing components. Class dojo has been under observation of many researchers and they have concluded that schools and teachers who use it have more disciplined students with the most progress. The app is free for all users.

2) Duo lingo

Duo lingo is a language learning application. It is has different versions for adults and children. For children the app goes by the name of ‘Duo Lingo Kids’. It is a great app for parents who want their children to learn a new language. The entire purpose of this application is to make children learn and practice new languages using gamification of the lessons. The design of the app is very attractive and filled with different animations that instantly grab the attention of children. It is one of the most popular apps to learn a foreign language. It works like a game where as the kids progress they are able to unlock new levels. This is a very effective app and according to them 34 hours on the app will teach you the amount of language a single university semester would.  Duo Lingo is a free app and there are some in app changes that you can buy for example the removal of ads is going to cost you.

3) Dragon box

This app is developed by a teacher who saw children struggle with algebra and decided to do something. This app was first designed to help students with algebra using gamification of lessons. Then after a while more dragon box apps were developed to help out students with mathematical concepts. The apps is designed in an interactive manner where complex algebraic concepts are taught in a fun way. It has ten chapters and each one unlocks after you complete the first one. There are 20 levels in each chapter that you must complete in order to move on to the next chapter. The difficulty level increases with each chapter starting from the very basic algebraic concepts. By the end of the game children are able to solve equations other than the app. If students are unable to solve the equation they can even see the step by step solution. There is also a practice mode that helps students practice what they have learned. This app is available for all users and is a paid application.

4) My incredible body

My incredible body is a great app for students to learn about the anatomy of human body. It gives students an in depth look into the human body and how everything happens from eating to digesting.  The app navigates you to all the functions your body performs. The apps has very sharp graphics and actual representations of the organs. You can use your fingers to zoom in on different organs and see what’s happening inside or you can even take a rocket ride inside the body and visualize how the blood flows in our body. Moreover, you are presented with very interesting facts about your body every now and then. This is a wonderful app to learn the mechanics of the human body. You can even make your child takes quizzes of what they have learned by paying additional money. This app is available for all users.

5) Science 360

This application is specially designed for tablets and I-pads. Its creator is the National Science Foundation. This app is very interesting for children of all ages and even adults. It shows images and videos from all fields of science. It even features different news breakthroughs that are provided from NSF funded institutes. The content on the app is either gathered by NSF themselves or collected from various organizations such as research agencies or colleges. This app is a user favorite because of its idea, all science enthusiasts spend a lot of their screen time here. If your child is one too, you should get them hooked on this app and fan their interest. This app is readily available at play store and apple store for android and iOS users.    

6) Khan academy

Khan Academy is a popular app for students. There are thousands of lectures available for students to learn fromincluding resource material and reference videos. To test your skills or see where your exam preparation stands you can take different quizzes available. There is a wide range of subjects available along with different curriculums to match yours. The main application caters to older students and more advanced grades. There is an extension to the main app that only caters to kids up until the age of 6.  This app is available by the name of Khan Academy kids. It is a non-profit organization and provides this and so much more for free.

In the technological age where our children spend countless hours in front of the screen, why not make it useful and make them gain knowledge all the while keeping them busy and entertained.

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