Benefits of Meditation

From many centuries ago, peoples are practicing meditation to control their minds, their thought and so on. By which they can make their mind to think positive and move ahead towards their goals in life. Peoples are struggling with the practice of meditation for physical, spiritual and emotional well being. But if we look from a scientific point of view, thus really meditation does anything the physical and mental conditions of an individual. Does meditation really works! After being some research we can say that from the scientific perspective also meditation proves to be the most beneficial practice to control all the positive and negative thoughts that run inside the mind of a person. And thus move on with a positive ahead to achieve the goals in their life. Thus, from the scientific point of view as well as from the spiritual point of view, it proves that doing meditation is a beneficial practice to achieve a healthy lifestyle mentally as well as physically. From some research, it has been seen some changes in the brain’s activity of the peoples who do meditation on a regular basis. Changes in the brain are decreased anxiety, decrease depression, and increase tolerance. And its default mode is activated when the mind is at rest and not focusing on the outer world at all. Thus these prove to be in the increase of memory, self-awareness and goal setting. And also it seems to more caring and responsible for their friends and family. When some of the most famous scientists done an experiment with the mind of a monk with a non-meditator, it has been found that the empathy present in the monk’s mind level is much higher than empathy present in the non-meditator. And there is also a large difference between both of them in term brain waves. Meditators have a high level of Alpha waves as compare to non-meditators. And these prove in the decrease of feelings like tension, negative feelings, stress, depression, sadness and anger among the monks. And this is not enough, it also changes the brain shape of the monks. Studies found that after the continuous practice of meditation for up to 8 weeks, there were some changes in the memory, learning, emotional region of the human brain. And thus the main great thing is that there is a great decrease in stress and blood pressure. And not only reduces stress, but it also increases the heartbeat of the human heart. It’s not dangerous, it actually increases the rate of speed at which oxygen and carbon dioxide gas are traveling inside our body. Due to which you can stay active, fit and healthy all throughout the day. It also increases the capacity of your immunity system inside your body to fight against germs and bacteria. Thus you also not fall sick as usual. We have also found over our research that meditation also helps and plays a role while curing some of the most dangerous diseases. For example cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high and low sugar and so on.


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