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Kraft Salad Boxes

Kraft Salad Boxes

Reliable Kraft Salad Boxes:

You may have noticed that the Kraft boxes are the most useful while you takeaway foodstuff. The manufacturing of boxes is by refining grade-paper. From the inside of the box, there is a grease-proof lamination for increasing the protection of preserve product in it. Salad is a sensitive product for preservation, hence, Kraft Salad Boxes are very good for any kind of salad. Either it is fruit salad or vegetable salad.

The grade-paper is very useful as Kraft Paper Salad Box. You can put it in the Kraft box, it is safe and healthy for a long time.

It is invented by the Carl F. Dahl in 1880. He belongs to Germany. He introduces the acidic sulfite process. But since 1930 it has not made by that process again. Because it is troubling in preserving any kind of food due to the chemicals. So, now its composition is only by simple grade paper that promotes the preservation of food.

Types of Kraft boxes:

There are seven types of Kraft boxes are as follows:

  • Natural Virgin Kraft paper
  • Recycle Kraft paper
  • Black Kraft paper
  • White Kraft paper
  • Coloured Kraft paper
  • Printed Kraft paper
  • Brown Kraft paperKraft Salad Boxes

Natural Virgin Kraft paper:

It is the most heavy-duty paper. It is used for lifting heavy food products. For them, it is reliable and clean. It is the most ideal due to the affordable prices. The heavy food is always stable in it. Hence, it is most preferable for the applications of heavy-duty. The best thing about it is it is highly resisted to tear. Moreover, it is also available in printing form. So, the brands mostly use this paper for printing their brands’ names and logos on them. Because it looks perfect after printing.

Recycle Kraft paper:

This is weaker as compared to virgin Kraft paper. But still, it is environmentally friendly to use. It has sufficient strength doing an outstanding job for applications for corrugate and gap filling. These both paper, virgin and recycle are categorizing in a standard type of paper.

Black Kraft paper:

The most prominent usage of black Kraft paper is as a dark, long-lasting backing for framing of images, but this is not its only application. This paper is also ideal for pleasant and creative craft projects and also assist in making the unique decoration that includes lighter boundaries and dark borders.

White Kraft paper:

It is also resembling the virgin craft due to its reliability and strength. It is mostly used on those occasions when there is more cleanliness is requires. For example, on the tables of restaurants, it is used in linen for the neater effect.

Coloured Kraft paper:

This is a very colourful type. It has every possible colour of the rainbow. The bright colours make it great for all sorts of craft projects, as well as enjoyable panel replacements, regular school items, scrapbooks and various similar uses. If your target audience involves schools, kindergartens, and active parents, the listing should include colourful Kraft paper. Because kids like colourful things a lot.

Printed Kraft paper:

To create branded wrap, packaging, as well as in-store displays, several different industries enjoy the benefits of the adaptability and value of printed Kraft paper. For example, the paper sheet used in the wrapping of sandwiches by some branded food restaurant. They print their logos on it. It is very beneficial for them because it also helps in advertising their brands. Moreover, the address and number are also provided on the paper, if anyone likes it, they can easily go to the shop.

Same is the case with the branded cloth as well. They have printed Kraft paper for their marketing. In all situations, the consistency, flexibility and cost of the various kinds of Kraft paper will enable you and your company to enhance the look and feel of your goods, strengthen your marketing activities, and increase your performance.

Brown Kraft paper:

This is the most popular type of paper mostly use in the preservation of food. Kraft Brown Paper Salad Box is more common in use. Moreover, any type of fast food also packs in this type of craft paper most preferably.

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