Amazing WordPress Plugins to Improve Website Loading Speed

Amazing WordPress Plugins to Improve Website Loading Speed

When it is about website optimization, there are several factors that you might be considering. 

Do you know the main factor that is necessary to gain user experience?

It is ” Speed.”

Website speed is the only factor that makes an impression of your business. And it is vital for your website visibility. 

The website that takes a long to load annoys the visitors and allows them to move to another website, and obviously, they never return.  It is one of the frustrating things that turns visitors off about your resources.  

On the contrary, the website with high loading speed results in high bounce rates, better user experience, fewer bounce rates, higher engagement, and ranking in leading search engines.

What else?? 

You can win leads that can convert to customers in the future!!  

Understanding the importance of website speed at the initial stage is beneficial for your business.  

Page load time is the measure of web performance that displays the time which is required for the page to show on the user’s display screen. 

Let’s find out how the website speed impacts the significant factors of website success. 

  • The primary factor is the conversion rate.  It is the measure with which you let your visitor do what you desire them to do. It is estimated that the faster the page load speed will be, the higher the conversion rate will be.  The research says that if there is a delay of more than 3 seconds, then there will be a reduction in conversion rate by 7%.
  • The other factor that also gets affected by the page load speed is visibility.  That implies how easily the users can discover your website. Website speed is the factor that lets your site place in the list of search engines, especially in Google.  The low-speed website attains a poor user experience and, therefore, get fewer promotions. It should be noted that Google started ranking the sites that are mobile responsive (for desktop searches as well) lately.
  • Factors, such as website load time, website page speed, website responsiveness for user requests, affect customer loyalty.  The user can get satisfied only when the performance of the website is outstanding. Consider the fact that the excellent user experience is the manner for building a strong brand and a broad customer base. 

It is critical that the Slower page response time results in page abandonment as shown in the above chart. 

Here, in this article, we will give you the leading WordPress plugins that are installed for WordPress website development and play a significant role in improving the page loading speed of your website. 

Here is the list of the best WordPress website plugins to enhance website performance.

WP Rocket

One of the leading plugins in the market is the WP rocket.  It is the beginner-friendly and the most straightforward plugin, which is the best when you do not have the technical knowledge. It permits the users to cache the website promptly merely in one click.  

WP rocket’s crawler retrieves the WordPress pages to create the cache automatically and turns on the WordPress caching setting, such as cache page loading and gzip compression and page cache.  You can use this plugin with an initial price of $49.

Main features

  • Image lazy loading
  • Minify CSS, HTML and Javascript
  • User-friendly interface
  • Minimum tweaking needed for speed improvements
  • Advanced caching rules
  • Advanced caching rules
  • Google Analytics integration to load the code from your server
  • Direct Cloudflare integration
  • Version rollback

Asset Cleanup WordPress plugin

Surely, you must not have heard of this plugin before. This plugin is meant for those WordPress blogs that have done the general optimization like CDN, cache, etc. but still require enhancement. With this plugin, you get assured about the type of scripts load on your pages. It detects the assets and scans the pages that are loaded.  You are advised only to select the JS and CSS files while editing the post and page to reduce the bloat.   

Main features

  • Preload CSS/JS, Local Fonts and Google Fonts files 
  • Minify JavaScript files; integrating inline code with SCRIPT tags
  • Limits the HTTP requests loaded and reduce render-blocking resources
  • Minify CSS files 
  • Lessens the HTML code of the actual page
  • Eliminate probable conflicts among themes and plugins

Lazy load for videos

This plugin enhances the Google page speed score and improves the page load time. It supersedes embedded Vimeo and Youtube videos with a clickable preview image.  It recognizes the videos automatically in the post and changes that with the thumbnail to load only the videos. It can be said that this plugin lesses the page loading time with the video elements. 

Main features

  • Pre-roll and post-roll advertisements
  • Shows video titles on preview images
  • Hide annotations like; subscribe to channel to evade distractions
  • Select custom color for the Vimeo player
  • Integrate custom CSS with the plugin’s admin panel
  • Hide controls of Youtube player
  • Don’t display the relevant videos at the end of your videos
  • Implement correctly with WordPress multisite and other plugins, like; Table Press

W3 Total Cache

Another plugin that improves the Website speed is W3 Total Cache. It has more advanced features – different caching measures and an array of impressive options. It gives superior support for some CDN services and Cloudflare. Our advice is that it should be used only by professionals (advanced users). 

Main features

  • Browser caching
  • Transparent CDN Support
  • Object caching
  • Minification of inline, 3rd party JavaScript/CSS
  • Database caching
  • Compatible with dedicated servers/ virtual private, shared hosting, dedicated clusters/servers
  • Impressive Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) support
  • SSL support
  • Caching of JavaScript and CSS on CDN or disk
  • WP-CLI support for query string updating, cache purging, etc.
  • Reverse proxy integration via Varnish or Nginx

WP Super Cache

Highly recommended because the leading WordPress hosting companies use the WP Super Cache plugin. It speeds up the WordPress loading speed with its impressive caching features. WP Super Cache has a comprehensive setting section with a different tab for secure set-up. 

Main features

  • Serve static HTML files
  • Support for multiple caching types (Mod_Rewrite, PHP and Legacy)
  • CDN support
  • Cache preload

Sucuri Security

It is the security and firewall plugin in the WordPress repository. Sucuri Firewall has a built-in option for caching the website content and also enables the gzip compression merely in one click.  

This plugin is reliable for any website as it is a DNS level firewall. It implies that it can assist cached content for the visitors before they request.

Main features

  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Security Activity Auditing
  • Blacklist Monitoring
  • Remote Malware Scanning
  • Post-Hack Security Actions
  • Effective Security Hardening
  • Website Firewall (premium)
  • Security Notifications


It opts for the diverse approach for enhancing the page load time as compared to other plugins. WordPress has some options that are enabled and are required. That is responsible for slowing down the speed of the website. Here, Perfmatters came into action and disabled the option in some minutes only. 

The other factor that slows down the page rendering is HTTP requests, which are not required. It also permits you to disable the scripts as per page basis. This implies that Perfmatters stops the plugins for loading the code when it is not necessary. 

Main features

  • Runs with your traditional caching plugin
  • Disable scripts on a per-page support
  • Disable WordPress options to slow down the speed
  • Lightweight plugin
  • DNS pre-fetch support

Built-in cache plugin for hosting

It is known to everyone that caching reduces the load on the hosting servers for optimal performance.  So, most of the WordPress hosting companies provide built-in caching solutions. This built-in caching WordPress plugins can be used only when the website is hosted with some of the hosting companies as mentioned below:


It gives the integrated caching solution following the hosting plans. Its enabling can be done from the hosting account’s cPanel dashboard. 

After enabling, it can be installed.  The process of SG optimizer can be activated later for managing its settings from the WordPress admin area. 

Blue host caching

It is one of the leading hosting companies and an officially prescribed WordPress hosting provider.  It’s hosting plans amalgamates the built-in caching to enable from the hosting dashboard. 

You can select the website from the “My site” pages after logging in.  Turn on/off the cache from the performance tab and change the advanced-cache settings accordingly. 

WP engine caching

A fully managed and fully organized WordPress hosting company is WP engine caching. The hosting plans are dependent on performance optimization and built-in caching. From the WordPress admin dashboard, the settings can be managed and the cache can be cleared. The WP engine cache settings can be managed from the WP engine menu; under the general settings. 

If you want to practice the advanced caching options then the WP engine advanced-cache plugin can be installed and activated.  It provides some advanced control for managing the WP engine cache settings for your website. 

Cache enabler

It is an excellent plugin that can be set up in some minutes only. Cache enabler has the option to minification, setting the cache expiry time, with some additional options.   CDN enabler as the sister plugin can be used if you want to integrate the Content Delivery Network (CDN) service. In a similar fashion, it is easy to set up and lightweight as well. 

Main features

  • 1-click to clear cache
  • Minification feature
  • Simple setup
  • Set cache behavior 
  • Set post ID’s to eliminate from the cache
  • Manage expiration times
  • Automatic and manual clearing of the cache
  • Effective and fast disk cache engine
  • WordPress multisite support
  • Expiry Directive
  • Showcase the genuine cache size in the dashboard
  •  304 Not Modified support if the page has not altered since current cached
  • Manages responsive images via srcset 

WP Super Minify

The minification integrates the HTML, JS, and the CSS files to compress and to serve in the ways that decrease the website loading time. 

It is recommended that you should be careful enough while installing because there is a possibility that some plugins and themes can get conflicted.  This plugin provides you the option for disabling the JS or CSS compression if any conflict persists.  

Main features

  • Straightforward and easy usable
  • Disable compression of CSS/JavaScript
  • Minifies JavaScript, CSS and HTML
  • Improve not only the page load speed but also, google page speed and yslow grade 


For the optimization of images and for eliminating useless bytes from image files, WP is used.  It is based on Yahoo and practices the lossless formats for better quality. It is benchmarked and is tested for its quality and speed.

Main features

  • Suspend offscreen images in some seconds 
  • Optimize almost 50 images in one click
  • Promptly locate images that are responsible for slowing down the website speed
  • Attachments can be asynchronously auto-smush for quick compression on upload
  • Gutenberg Block Integration Process PNG, JPEG and GIF files for excellent results

Wrapping Up

No one wants the slow website speed.  It directly or indirectly results in lost sales and poor user-experience.  Do not waste more time while struggling to speed up the speed of your WordPress website.

Choose any of the plugins we have mentioned above that fits best with your website requirements. Install what you require and remember  “less is always more.”

Apparently, there are other measures that can also improve your website speed. But, give a start with these plugins and find the improvement in your website loading speed.  

You can measure the speed with the tools that you can enter into your website URL.  Google page speed, load impact, web page test, GT Metrix, and the Pingdom website speed test are some of the tools that you can use. 

Give the reason for your website to reach its potential. Optimize it for speed and usability.  Help your website to be a user-friendly and professional- major factor towards the path to success. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Download, install, and use them now!

We hope you liked this article. Share your views with us. If there are other plugins that can optimize the website speed, then do let us know. Queries and suggestions are always welcome.  

Thanks for reading!!

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