Advantages and Disadvantages of Bathroom Vanities with Tops

When it comes to making selection of a bathroom vanity top you wish to select a material that is fully resistant to water, makeup, toothpaste, acetone based liquid and soap.

Most of these new bathroom vanities with tops are made up of below mentioned materials.

Tempered Glass

It is indeed the easiest surfaces to clean and also have a good tolerance to heat, it will not burn or melt if you ever forget to turn off that curling iron. Tempered glass is indeed non-porous surface that clearly means bacteria and also germs.

Though tempered glass has been heat treated to enhance its strength, it can fully scratch or chip depending on how is handled.

Solid Porcelain

Porcelain provides a contemporary appearance and also matches beautifully with certain other fixtures in the bathroom.

It can easily track or chip depending on the abuse.

Cultured Marble

Prepared from the mixture of natural marble chips and acrylic resin, cultured marble offers the shiny and classic look. Such strong surface is indeed highly durable, stain resistant and also needs minimum maintenance.

Those of certain heavy falling objects and also extreme heat tends to cause such surface to chip, melt or scratch.

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