A Pioneer in Plastic Mold Making – Nodinson Plastic Moulds

A company specialised mainly in plastic mould manufacturing and also plastic injection molding in China .The company’s main customers are from American and European markets .With a rich experience of a decade company has a lot more experience of plastic injection mold making for medical equipment.

• It provides a lot of services like

• Injection moulddesign and tool making for various sectors:

• Automobile parts

• Double Injection parts

• Household appliances parts

• Industrial equipment parts

• Medical equipment

• Established in 2001, Nodinson is an industry leader with strong capacity in China plastic injection mold maker.

It boasts having all the advanced equipments.It has a team of experienced engineers and latest capabilities of software that deliver best products to customers.We pride us on efficient systems and procedures, supported by our skilled man power.We are certified by ISO and our quality testing methodology is considered one of the best in Industry. We expect to build a long term business relationship with our customers.

Why Choose Nodinson

• We ensure timely delivery and our on time delivery rate is 95%.

• We work according to customer specifications providing them product development budget and market estimation.

• The skilled trainers here work according to the ideology prevention is better than cure so we solve the problems before mould making itself.

• Nodinson provides optimized mould design China.

• We possess an uncompromising attitude towards the quality .Quality is an essence of the company; each and every part is checked before continuing any kind of process. The products are also checked thoroughly before shipments.

• Nodinson is a plastic mold making company near me that provides best plastic mould for all kinds of sectors in Industry.

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