A Look at the Big Opportunities in Big Data -2018

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The big promises of the present data-driven culture are being noticed predominantly. The increasing enthusiasm for big data is undeniable and this includes several announcements about new initiatives across different industries and enterprises. Well, it is estimated that Google has already invested almost 54 billion dollars in the data-driven economy. Data is now becoming a movement which has also created a huge demand for skilled people to maintain, analyze and help the enterprises to leverage the big data efficiently. But what trends are poised to shape the landscape of big data analytics?

Big data is now more than just a buzz word and it is now driving successful business decisions more than ever. This year will see an increase in demand for the data professionals and individuals who are trying to embark in this field should definitely look for the best data scientist certification. Emerging new technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are amongst the most popular ones that can add the competitive edge to your resume. It is expected that around 2 lakh new jobs would be created and AI alone will create around 2 million of job opportunities for data enthusiasts. Especially the IT job sector will be revitalized again with the rising of big data analytics.

People who are trying to be in a great position to make the most out of this trend should consider to brush up their knowledge with the best data scientist certification. Because data skills have become so important for landing a top gig and it is surely a magic wand to have! The demand for professionals who have big data expertise is the most-sought-after with a wide range of job roles including big data engineer, Hadoop developer, data analytics engineer and much more. But what are the most important skills to learn with data science certifications especially when you’re looking for a career in big data?

Hadoop is one of the most powerful big data platforms out there and a solid skill in Apache Hadoop can surely help you to land a great role. This year is the best time to upskill your career with data science certifications to get some essential training and master the key principles. This trend is definitely going to be a long-term one in the IT landscape. The Hadoop stack such as HBase, Pig, HDFS, and MapReduce will be in huge demand. Hadoop is important because storing data and running the applications would be impossible with the massive storage ability of Hadoop. It has an enormous potential to process both the structured and unstructured data or to handle unlimited tasks related to big data. Apache Hadoop plays a big role in maintaining the massive data sets and it enables them to be streamlined with easy programming models.

A deep knowledge of Data Science and Analytics could have a great impact on your resume if you’re actively looking forward to an attractive career. But which tools to learn? Well, first of all, there is a wide range of roles in especially data science, and it depends on your background as well. Get clear about your role or what you want to become. Now start looking for the material such as data science certifications or the best data scientist certification to clear your basics to get a clearer picture of the role.

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