A Brief Guide On Electrical Control Panel And Its Types

Electrical control panels are widely used in industries, and various mechanical and other equipment can be remotely controlled through them. They are available in standard forms while one can also opt for the customized panel products that are created just for a given process. The electric panel can also be said to be a large electric device with inbuilt microprocessors. The sensors convey the message to the microprocessor and consequently, proper commands are placed.


The modern electrical control panels may include two or number of power circuits and components related to them and other controls as well. An electrical panel may have:

Auxiliary devices



Motor controllers

Circuit protection devices and components

Disconnect means and components

The guidelines make it mandatory for all electrical control panels to have a power operation of 600 volts or below it.

Panels should only provide the signals for controlling the equipment but should not have any equipment themselves and should also be devoid of any power source. The electrical control panel may send signals and commands to the below-given equipment.

Industrial machinery



Refrigeration equipment


Pump loads

Types of electrical panels:

Over a period of time the panels have evolved to contain many new features and capabilities, and now there many different variations of electrical control panels available, as offered by the best electrical panel manufacturer.


The VFD or Variable Frequency Drive control panel is of immense importance today because of its cost and electricity saving benefits. This panel is made for systems having the variable frequency drive motor, which can adjust itself according to the load and output requirements and can provide power at different frequencies and varying voltages.


The Power Control Centre panels or PCC panels have always been popular for one-stop control for a range of equipment used in industries. While the earlier PCC panels had more mechanical controls, today they have the LCD displays and easy controls, apart from having safety features as well.


The ATS or Automatic Transfer Switch panels are the preferred choices in areas where the backup generator is used. The job processes never come to a halt in these industries because the panel transfers the power by switching to the backup power source generator in case there is a power failure. The ATS panel is also useful in cases where an excess load may occur and extra electricity and power output are required.


The electrical control panel should also be maintained regularly so that their functioning remains optimized and they are always safe to use. The maintenance aspect of this industrial equipment include:

Dust control

Pest control

Connection control


Electrical control panels offer extensive benefits and make it cost-effective for the operators to run a host of electrical equipment and industrial machinery conveniently, and without fatigue. It is possible for you to choose a time-saving electrical panel system that matches your industrial operational scenario and equipment range. A leading control panel manufacturer offers the equipment range online itself, and the through extensive descriptions help you know more about their features and uses.

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