9 Horrible Things about Hotel Rooms You Didn’t Know At All

hotel room

If you think you need to take break from work and stress but don’t want to leave your hometown, then the solution is booking a hotel room for a much needed staycation. Getting a hotel room is the easiest way to relax over the weekend. It’s cheaper and you’ll get the service you want.

However, there are things that you don’t know about hotel rooms. One thing is, hotel rooms can be the grossest place you’ll ever be. You think you are safe because the hotel room seems nice and clean. Think twice. Below are the horrible things you didn’t know about hotel rooms:

  • Carpets may be FILTHY

Do you think that the carpets are clean? Think again. You might think that freshly-vacuumed carpets are kind of OK. In fact, some hotels don’t replace the carpet in bedrooms as often as they really should. Once in a blue moon vacuum is not enough to clean them. So, next time you book a hotel room, consider packing a pair of slippers.

  • Hotel room can get DIRTIER

Just because you booked a nice hotel room doesn’t mean that everything is clean including the floor. Honey, you don’t have a clue who or what has been on it last. The housekeeping only does so much. When they are in a hurry or got lots of rooms to clean, they skip the vacuum process, leaving the floor dirtier. So make sure to wear slippers while walking around your hotel room.

  • Bed bugs are also your ROOMMATE

Bed bugs are the bane of the hotel industry and a huge fear for your average traveler. There is a high chance of staying in a hotel room with bed bugs. According to exterminators in New York, hotels are the third-most-common location for bed bug infestations. So you think the bed in your hotel room is safer than your own home? Think twice.

  • Hotel linens are not changed as FREQUENTLY as you think

Ideally, when you book a hotel room, you expect fresh, clean sheets, but sadly, you can’t be sure whether they were changed after the previous guest or not. You don’t have an idea if the housekeeping did the job. You will be shocked to see the things in the linens. They may not be visible in the naked eyes, but using UV light will give you a horrible reaction.

hotel room

  • All remotes contain GERMS

Remote controls for TV and AC may look fairly clean but its dirtiness is another horrific hotel room story. They are rarely gets disinfected. This is also the same story for the deadbolt lock, the phone, and the light switches. Small items rarely get the attention it needed. Imagine how many people have stayed in the hotel room and your guess is right, filthy.

  • Expensive hotel room is not NECESSARILY CLEANER

Don’t think that your executive suit in a 5-star hotel is the cleanest room ever. No, it’s not. In fact, they packed significantly more bacteria according to the study conducted by Travelmath.

  • Glasses in the hotel rooms are NEVER WASHED NOR CHANGED

The truth about the fresh smell from you hotel room: it came from the freshener. Even if the glasses are washed, they were only washed in in the room’s sink itself. If you can, just use disposable glasses and ask for it from help desk.

  • Using your hotel room AC is BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH

The enormous source of germs in your room comes from the air conditioning unit. If the AC unit hasn’t cleaned between various guests, it is most likely that the germs from previous stay will be directly released into your room when the AC is turned on.

  • Coffee pots are NEVER CLEANED

Sure, your little coffee pot looks inviting inside your cozy hotel room. But did you know that it is not cleaned before your stay? Most of the cleaning service of the hotel only swirled the coffee pots in water without properly cleaning them. That kind if “cleaning” method can lead to a build-up of bacteria.

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