7 Tips for Setting Up Your Law Firm

Setting Up Your Law Firm

Being a lawyer, graduated from a law school, aspiring to become an attorney in India. You all might be dreaming of setting up own law firm. No one likes to work under someone or work as per others requirements and preferences. Lawyer as a profession, offers an opportunity for you to flourish independently and establish your legal firm and work hard for it to make it amongst the top legal firms in India. As there is a saying, the grass is always greener on the other side. Establishing a law firm is also not such an easy task. Lots of effort, hard work and patience is required for setting up your own legal firm.

 Here, are few tips for our aspirants which will provide you clarity as to how you can set up your law firm in India easily.

  • Ignore the negatives: Ignorance is bliss and adhering to it, the first mantra for your goal would be ignoring all the negative comments from the negative people around you; it is not easy but the fact is it is not impossible too. Indeed, it is not a one day task to establish and function a legal firm but your dedication, diligence, humility will pay you abundantly. Listening to negative comments or negative thoughts such as how you will meet the clients, how can you flourish will only demotivate your spirits. It would be difficult for a new lawyer but being optimistic will help you. Everyone learns by doing and by not repeating their previous mistakes.
  • Naming your firm appropriately: You must give an adequate name to your firm as your work will be facilitated and evaluated in the name of your firm. The name of your firm should also suggest your expertise in a particular field of law. Simple and straight forward names are a big yes these days. Try not to name your legal firm with a confusing title. You can even access to Goggle for titles suiting your expertise. The title of your organisation should be catchy enough to attract potential customers and hence would grab lots of attention and appreciation from your clients. 
  • Work on setting up networks: The big question of independent practice is ‘How will you attract clients?’ Well-experienced and best lawyers are often the top preferences of the customers. You need to establish networks at the time of setting up own law firms and take the help of your other experienced lawyers as they can best guide you that how can you get the clients. Be in touch with the practicing lawyers you know and meet them often. As your work experience is little, but this practice would be beneficial for you in building your networks and bagging up the clients in your pockets.
  • Strategize well: the ones who plant and strategize clearly and wisely are the ones who enjoy success easily. These should be systematic and well-planned set of strategies you would adopt for the smooth functioning of your law firm. A detailed business and marketing plan must be chalk out and you should be all ready to give your best and work hard. The cost of setting up the law firm and the expected earnings should be well-framed keeping the competition level, financial aids, market analysis in mind. 
  • Create an attractive website: In the high tech scenario all around, the world, you can be judged if you don’t have an eye-catching website. Before coming to you, the prospective customer would love to have a glimpse of your work online for which a website is a must. It is powerful and the most reliable tool for advertisement these days. You can even plan of hiring a website designer who can control and look after it on a daily basis. The website should be user-friendly and it must speak volumes about your profession and expertise. An appealing logo would give a symbolic representation to your practice. 
  • Be focussed: While Setting up LLC in India and your law firm a keen focus in your specialised field of law would help in you in gaining more clients. Do not work in haste and accept cases of fields you are unaware of. This will deplete your reputation in the market as a good lawyer. A better plan is to stick to your field of law and avoid the competitors in market. This would not only increase the number of your clients but will also help you in building a referral network easily.
  • Choose your physical address wisely: At the time of finalising the address of your firm be sure that you stick with it and it is your permanent address. It is difficult to forecast the success of your practice but the prospective customers find the ones with permanent address quite reliable. Moving from one place to another, can have adverse effects on your practice and can ever impact your internet marketing efforts.


Your confidence in yourself and your abilities would help you flourish and expand your legal firm to a great height and will make your firm amongst the top legal firms in India

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