7 Things That You Must Do To Make Your Website SEO Friendly

 Making a website SEO friendly is not an easy task nowadays, Companies spend thousands of dollars to make the same possible for themselves and why shouldn’t they be doing this. This is something that can be done at the lowest investment with higher ROI, but I am going to tell you about 7 things that you must to make your website SEO friendly straight.

These practices that I am going to explain to you in this post are all tried and tested to the best extent of producing results.

By SEO friendly, it means that every component of the website should be kept following SEO.

Without wasting any time lets know these practices right from closer.

Using SEO for your images too:

Yeah, you heard me right. It is required to optimize your images for SEO, and this is how you should do this.

Always compress your images before uploading them in the WordPress dashboard. Also, always put alt tags in your images (Try to include the focus keyword in your alt-tag).

 Keyword in Title Tags:

This is the most underrated practice in SEO which can provide massive results if used correctly. Wondering why? Well, Titles are the first thing that a user sees on your site and if it contains your main keyword then the user gets a complete understanding of the information that he is going to get inside that link.

Your titles should be catchy to results in increasing of the CTR (Click Through Rate)

Crafting your URL SEO friendly:

URL also plays a major role when it comes to SEO making it one of the factors that google love to evaluate. Trying to keep your URL as small as possible and including your main keyword in the URL are some healthy SEO practices. Always, try to make your URL neat and clean(without numbers).

Spread your Keywords:

This can be related to farming as well, you need to spray your keywords evenly in your post as a farmer sprays seeds in his field.

You need to use your main keywords multiple times in your blog post, but you should not use the same keyword again and again.

Instead of doing this, what you can do is using the variations of your main keywords and then spreading them evenly in your post can help much better in making your SEO Friendly Website.

Format the content:

Formatting the content available is one of the basic things which makes a really large impact on SEO.

This can easily be done with the help of subheadings. Distribution of content among Sub-Headings should be done in such a way that it should be easily navigable and accessible.

Use of canonical tags properly:

Talking about canonical tags, they are just a way of telling Google a specific URL represents the master copy of a page. Canonical tags are like proof to tell Google that the page hosted on a specific page is the only original one.

You should insert them in all of your pages to prevent ranking competition among two pages of your website for a single keyword.

Improving User Experience:

User experience is something that weights more in 2020 when it comes to SEO. It is underrated most of the times which can be a fatal mistake and can be a pain in your butt.

But the good part is that it can be improved drastically just by making some things right like decreasing the page load time, reducing the number of popups on your site.

You can also integrate social media to your site making it easier for users to share your content easily, thus increasing user experience.

These were 7 things that you must do to make your website SEO friendly. By this, I believe that if you implement the above-given steps, you will be getting some results.

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