7 Key Tips to Remember when Writing a WordPress Blog in 2019

WordPress even after almost two decades of existence is still the Alpha platform for any aspiring content creators. However, it’s extremely likely that what you hear today as tips to create content on it is based on the formula that died even before 2015.
The platform continuously evolves and so it is imperative that you know how to create an impressive blog that fits 2019 logic.

Here are the 7 key tips you must remember when writing a WordPress blog in 2019-

  • Ensure extensive research: Treat your viewers a smart themselves, because they are. Your followers, of course, have internet access themselves and can fact check your data in an instant. Not only should your research be based on the target audience you are catering to, but it is imperative for you to include trustworthy data from reputed sources, as that would make the content far more genuine than gossip/rumor based material.
  • Be familiar with the latest SEO techniques: SEO algorithm is like a , it never remains the same for two days running. Yet most content cannot help but cling on to the ancient strategies of ranking their content high.
    A lot has changed in 2019 however and below are some of the latest techniques you must adopt to have more eyes laid onto your work-

    Use Categories Instead of Tags.
    Always try to insert a Short URL.
    Add Title Tags to Your Images for boosting SEO.
    Use a WordPress Theme that is lightweight.
    Compress Your photos to improve page loading speed.
  • Employ SEO tools & plugins: Never be shy to accept a helping hand, after all, it isn’t possible to be perfect at everything. In fact, there’s a trunk full of third-party tools and plugins that will do the bulk of the work for you in relation to audience targeting, theme generation, content sharing, link generation, sharing means and so much more. Some of the best SEO plugins and tools out there in 2019 are listed below-

    1. Yoast WordPress SEO (For providing tips on generating SEO friendly content)  
    2. Google Analytics
    (For monitoring and managing your target audience)
    3. Akismet Anti-spam
    (For filtering spam comments)
    4. Jetpack
    (For boosting your web traffic and page security)
    5. Permalinks Customizer(For generating or customizing a permalink to your blog)
  • Prove your Image: By adding the image. Those days are long gone when merely stuffing 2000+ words was enough to trick the search crawlers into ranking your blog at the top of the list.
    Now, you must always include relevant and impressive images to engage your viewers. Also, provide statistics via graph and charts wherever necessary. Your blog that way not looks visually pleasing, but also more official and informative this way, which then ensures no visitor clicks off instantly.
  • Lists add a twist: This is basically a cheat code for engaging people for a longer time-
  • Always
  • Write
  • In
  • A
  • List
  • Form.

The last thing you want your viewers to think is them feeling as if they are reading a manuscript written in ancient Latin, because it’s just that much boring.
You know how much hard work you put into the work, but pages long paragraphs are just repelling to look at.

Statistics also back up the argument that your viewer is twice as likely to click if you present the thesis in the form of a list. Your content that way looks more informative, concise and knowledgeable to your audience.

  • Call to Action is necessary: Viewer response is the holy grail for any content writer after all people are getting involved is why you write something in the first place.
    So always make sure to leave a comment asking for suggestions or even offering some critique.
    Encourage your viewers to like/share your blog if they find it worthwhile, and also provide a link below to some of your other work related to the current topic.
  • Ending with a bang: Just like a classic movie, the ending of your post is as important as your Kickoff. And just like the movie, people tend to remember the conclusion part even better and will, therefore, base their judgment on how you finish it off.

You can use a relevant quotation, or for an informal structure add a meme or gif.
Just make everything, in the end, stand out to smash your point home.

Conclusion: Of course at the forefront of every content lies your individual ability and skills to create good work, nothing matters more than just offering your unique style while remaining true to the subject, but with these aforementioned techniques, you are sure to cater to your target audience gradually.

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