5 Ways to Use Custom Wallpapers to Promote Your Business

If you keep track of the ways in which businesses in Adelaide and other parts of Australia promote themselves the use of custom wallpapers wouldn’t have surely escaped your attention. You find them everywhere these days from the reception of corporate offices to retail stores. There are two reasons behind their popularity – first that provide large space inside the office or retail store that can be used to promote a business and secondly they are highly cost effective. In case you are looking to promote your business using custom wallpapers here are five ways in which you can do this –

  1. Share Mission & Vision – Your competitors sell the same products and services you do. The pricing is pretty much the same. In such an environment your values, mission and vision often serve as the only differentiator amidst competition. This is the reason some brands enjoy cult following in the market and leave others behind. Custom wallpaper are a great way to share your mission and vision in front of your potential customers.
  2. Honour Your Customers –Customers are the most important people for any business and they are the people who help you grow your business. Have you tried to honour them? Showcase their testimonials on your wallpapers or give links to their social media handles. This can have a domino effect on other customers who would patronize your business in their aim to feature on your wallpaper and benefit your business.
  3. Seasonal Sales – Seasonal sales are one of the biggest revenue generating steams for any business especially those that retail in apparels and accessories. Since changing wallpapers doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket you can make good use of them to promote products that are must-have for the season. These products should meet the eye of every customer entering your store and you will be able to generate lots of sales. If you are conducting a major hiring drive in your business you can use wallpapers to showcase what it is like working in your organization and how you let your employees grow in their roles.
  4. Encourage Customers To Buy– You may have added a new service to your portfolio in the recent times or launching a new product in your store. In such cases you can make use of the wallpaper to promote new products and services. Clients or customers who step into your store and office can be easily attracted to the new offerings via wallpapers. Make use of graphics and texts that highlight the USPs of the new product or service and this would help you generate inquiries and finally achieve a sale.
  5. Promote Your Hashtag – In the social savvy world the hashtag (#) has become much more than a sign. It has become a revolution that allows you to promote your brand and grow your business virally in the social world. If you have catchy hashtags in your wallpapers you can inspire potential customers to use them while posting on the social media. When this is done over a period of time it can help your business create waves in the social media. In fact hashtags have become one of the core elements in most custom wallpapers these days.

To sum up custom wallpapers can create several opportunities for your business if you use them creatively. You need to start by hiring an agency that has expertise with wallpapers, car wraps and signs in Adelaide. The more experience the agency has with offline promotional tools it will benefit you as they would suggest you take the right decisions adding punch to your marketing campaign.

About Author: David Johnson has designed custom wallpaper for more than two decades and writes about several marketing tools including decals, posters and signs in Adelaide.

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