5 Tips to Make Old Clothes Look New and Expensive


Make Old Clothes Look New

Obviously everyone can’t buy expensive designer dresses. So that’s why you should prefer using the old clothes that you already have creatively. Actually by applying some basic tips and tricks you can make these old dresses look new and stylish again. Here in this article we are discussing about tips and tricks that will help you to make your cheap women dresses look new and expensive:

1. Prefer to Get Everything Tailored:

First tip that you should apply is never opt to buy everything ready-made. Instead, you should prefer to get it tailored. It will help you to get the best designs and styles of clothes in your wardrobe simply by spending a few amount of money. Another benefit that you will get from stitching the customized clothes is that you will get a chance to wear perfect fitting. So always prefer to save money and avoid buying expensive designer dresses.

2. Replace the Old Buttons on Clothes:

Another thing that you can simply do to make your old clothes look just like again is to replace its buttons. Actually, it is very small things, but will have a great impact on the overall look of your clothes. Presently there are lots of different kinds of buttons available in the market that you can simply use to change the look of your clothes. Varieties in buttons include metal, pearl, bone, fancy, glittery and casual; buttons in different shapes and sizes.

3. Prefer to Wear Dresses in Good Condition:

The next thing that you should keep in mind while customizing old clothes to make them new again is to choose only the one that still look new. You should prefer to dry clean your clothes instead of washing them again and again. That will help you to keep them in updated form. And simply donate the clothes that can’t get recycled or have gone completely out of fashion. It will help you to make space for the new and stylish one.

4. Prefer to Stay Away from Distraught Pieces:

The next thing that you should prefer to do is to stay away from anxious hardware and fabrics. Because they will end up looking too much old or worn out, especially these pieces will be super cheap to start with. Actually, there are some of these types of distressed pieces. Just like ripped jeans, actually they will look cool and classy. But they are available at very high rates. And when you will try to do this type of styling by yourself then there will be chances that it might go wrong.

5. Never Wash the Clothes Too Frequently:

The next thing that you should keep in mind is not to wash your clothes and other stuff so frequently. Actually, that will become the reason of damaging the fibers of your clothes. So it is much better if you choose to dry clean them on a frequent basis. Other than that if you get a spills or marks on your clothes while eating food, then you should prefer to wash that part right away. That’s will help you to remove the stain and keep it in new form again.

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