5 Simple Strategies for Call-To-Actions That Convert

Analytics is showing visitors on your website but not conversion. So where is the problem? Is it the call-to-action button? Perhaps.

You don’t need magic. You need to apply some basic principles, test your results, and see what works best.

  1. Keep It Simple

Too many choices overwhelm a visitor and kill your conversion rate. Simplicity is most desired to be more effective. You need to have a simple landing page. To have a simple landing page, you need to

  • Remove the navigation menu on the landing page.
  • Include one call to action.
  • Make the CTA clear.

But clarity requires work on copy and page layout.

  1. Stay On Message

You need to have a message that connects with the picture of the landing page. The CTA button should be visible. You can’t have a CTA button that says about coffee and the background picture tell about mountains.  There should be no more confusing message. Also, check out the best logo design company in Kolkata.

To clearly indicate what you want visitors to do (i.e., convert):

  • Give visitors a reason to take the desired action.
  • Be clear on the action.
  • Start your CTA with directive words like subscribe, buy, or order.


  1. Personalize Your Words

Having a simple landing page and clear CTA will boost your conversions. A/B testing is a good way to check whether your words are working or not. To personalize the CTA:  Web design company in Kolkata

  • Focus on the value for your customers – what’s in it for them?
  • Tie your unique selling point to that value.
  • Tell visitors why they should want to take the action you want them to take.


  1. Splash Some Colour

Before you convince visitors to convert, you need to catch their attention. You need to create visually appealing CTA. The number of colour combinations, gradients, shadows, fonts, kerning, and other options is infinite.  There is no one answer to the best colour choice to make. But you shouldn’t go with a muted colour, black, white, or grey.

  1. Put It To Test

Now that you know what to change and what difference it can make, you can make changes to increase your conversion rates. Take one step at a time with your new CTAs and run A/B tests to see what works best. You are likely to find minor tweaks that yield great results.

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