5 Reasons Why You Need a VPS Hosting


You have the idea of a very excellent website, and you decide to go ahead and monetize it to make money out of it in some way or the other. You look up to on the internet about making your site live and come across a number of terms to host your site. You get to know about web hosting and the numerous terms about web hosting. You get to know about a glossary of new terms.

The internet is booming with terms like VPS, i.e., Virtual private server providers and premium hosting server. The IT industry is shifting from the shared server and dedicated servers to Virtual Private Servers. This blog will make you aware of the benefits of Virtual Private Servers as well as when you need a VPS.

A website is hosted on a server, and a server is a piece of hardware or a powerful computer that stores your website data and all the files that make up your website and hosts your website. A call to your website is answered by your servers and it servers to the person who types your website domain on their browser. Now there are various types of servers like shared servers or premium hosting servers. The three major types are Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and Virtual Private Servers.

Shared hosting is the cheapest and entry-level hosting. It is the most common form of web hosting and works perfectly well for many new website owners or if your website in only display and not dynamically functional.

Purchasing a shared hosting plan means, you’re sharing critical resources like CPU, RAM, and hard drive space with all of the other website owners using that shared server. But there is a downside to shared hosting only because your a sharing the server space with others. For example, if anyone of your shared server has a huge increase in traffic your website will also get affected. Your website performance in case of speed and responsiveness will largely be affected.

Dedicated hosting is the exact opposite of shared hosting. Rather than sharing resources and costs with other website owners, you have one server that is reserved for your website only.

Although dedicated servers are more expensive, you get 100 percent control over your resources, and you can customize your software to meet your individual needs and demands. This type of dedicated hosting package where you get a premier hosting server is best for websites with robust technical applications.

Virtual Private Server hosting is in between shared and dedicated hosting. When you choose VPS, there will be other websites hosted on the same hardware as yours. But it is a big server. Services like operating system, dedicated storage, powerful CPU, scalable RAM, and unlimited bandwidth are there only for you, and your website is the only domain allocated to your particular virtual compartment. Virtual Private Server is cost friendly for your pocket, unlike dedicated server hosting. With a VPS hosting plan, you get the benefits of a dedicated server at a very affordable price which doesn’t dig a hole in your pocket. Thus VPS gives you more for the same money.

There can be many reasons why you might need a virtual server. Here we look at the evaluating factors that arise the need to opt for a VPS. The need for enhanced security and reliability is the driving factor for VPS. Premium Hosting server or VPS gives you increased protection,

advanced monitoring capabilities, more backup space, improved website reliability. If your website and business plans on taking any form of online payment, then having a VPS is beneficial to have, and it becomes easier to get the SSL certificate.

The second reason is if you start to experience an increase in traffic consistently, VPS is your go-to solution. Increased traffic volume or a sudden spike in visitors can crash your site if you are using a shared server. If your site is consistently running slow, it’s a sign that your website has increased files and requires for more hardware space and this can be catastrophic for your business if you don’t have a dedicated or a VPS server.

VPS server gives you the benefit of scale. You can increase your hardware space according to your growing needs, and this is something which a dedicated server doesn’t come in handy. Need for custom software or any other advanced programming feature then VPS is best for you. Also, several software or integrated plugins like the standard tax, billing, bookkeeping, and other integrative programs require around-the-clock server availability as well as high-speed internet. This demands for a Virtual Private Server.

Everything in the internet world boils down to security and reliability. Performance and ease of use along with cost saving are what everyone looks for, and VPS is the best option.

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