5 Creative Ideas to Display Houseplants

We tend to spend a fortune on purchasing the best furniture and home appliances, but sometimes we forget that simple things make the biggest difference! As simple as it may seem, decorating your home can make or break the whole look and feel of it. Usually people go for traditional items like fancy paintings or classic antiques, which happens to be way out of budget. But why would anyone spend that much money on regular fancy stuff when there’s a diverse array of decorative houseplants out there? The thing about houseplants is that no matter how unorthodox your interior is, it would still match it perfectly; whether your place is fancy, modern or even classic, houseplants go well with pretty much everything. It’s budget-friendly, it’s refreshing and it’s definitely an unusual way to decorate your home.
Here are some of the ideas to get most out of decorative houseplants:

1. Vertical display:

Not enough space? No problem! Even if your home is not that spacious, you still have the chance to arrange houseplants beautifully, all you need is a wooden ladder or any other vertical stand along with your choice of decorative plants. It’s smart, it’s practical, and it will add a sense of unmatched refreshment to your home.

2. Low-maintenance Succulents:

Given the daily routine and the everyday fast-paced lifestyle that most of us experience, succulents are your best choice if you’re looking for a convenient house plant option.
Succulents are more than normally thickened and fleshy, which allows it to retain water in arid climates or soil conditions. The beauty of succulents lies in the fact that they’re not hard to please, and they’re available in different exotic beautiful shapes.

3. Play with Pots:

Your choice of pots for your plants is equally important as picking the houseplant itself; they do complement each other, so make sure to choose your pots wisely. Pots are available in countless shapes and sizes, which makes it very hard to go for the wrong ones. You don’t need to splurge lots of money to get pretty pots, you can just paint them yourself creating simple patterns to help them stand out, and at the end you get to have good-looking pots while having fun in the process! How cool is that?

4. Hanging from the Ceiling:

Create your very own special hanging indoor garden, it creates a dramatic effect that will add refreshing vibes to your home like nothing else. Also, if you happen to have clumsy pets, this is the smartest way to keep your plants safe.

5. Large Houseplants Create a Statement:

Large houseplants such as fiddle leaf fig have such a strong character and their existence prevails in the most graceful way. A large houseplant in an elegant pot is a charming piece in itself that will make your home stand out in every way!

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