5 Alternative Uses of Green Tea

It is not unknown that drinking green tea has tremendous uses. Green tea is known for being rich in antioxidants. Because of its anti-aging phenomenon, it is quite popular among the ladies. Consuming green tea regularly can help in lowering the risk of certain types of cancers and heart diseases. If you call yourself a health-conscious person, green tea should be your go-to drink.

As green tea has such a high demand, you can easily find it in the market. You can buy loose green tea online as well.

Green tea may be a popular choice of drink, but it has much greater potential than just being a cup of tea. We are going to mention five eco-friendly, thrifty, and unusual ways in which you can use green tea.

Getting Rid of Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles

After you are done enjoying a nice cup of green tea, do not throw away the tea bags. Instead, you can store them in a cool place, such as your refrigerator. Later, you can place them on top of your closed eyes in a relaxed position. The tea bags contain polyphenol particles called tannins. As they are astringent, they can help in shrinking tissue, such as the human skin. Therefore, it can be used for tightening the skin and reducing swelling around the eye region by dilating the blood vessels present in that region.

Facial Scrub

As discussed earlier, green tea has skin tightening properties. This can be exploited very well in a facial scrub. By adding some white sugar and water, you not only add green tea benefits but also allow your skin to exfoliate to deliver a smooth finish.

Enhance Teeth Health

As per a research study published by the Preventive Medicine, if you drink one cup of unsweetened green tea every day, your teeth health will significantly increase. Individuals with their ages ranging from 40 to 64 years were less likely to lose their teeth if they practiced drinking unsweetened green tea regularly. Catechins, specific antimicrobial molecules, are known for causing this effect. If you can find toothpaste infused with green tea in your pharmacy, do not forget to grab it at once.

Reduce Bleeding

As green tea is rich in tannins, it can be really helpful in reducing bleeding. Tannins can coagulate the blood to stop bleeding. Place a green tea bag in hot water and remove it after a minute. Allow the tea bag to cool and place it on the bleeding area. Using green tea extract is also a good choice.

Eliminate Fridge Odour

We cannot deny that refrigerators can become stinky after a point of time. If you wish to counteract this odour, make use of green tea leaves. Keep them in a cheese or thin cloth bag. When you place it in the refrigerator, it will absorb the stench and help you fridge to be fragrance-free.

Green tea is great for a lot of things. When you can do so much with it, why just drink it? Try out these remedies at home and see the results for yourself.

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