4 Reasons Why You Should Learn SAS

If it were 2010 and you were part of the small group of people who took data analytics with any seriousness, then this article would not even be necessary, because there was not much of a choice. Now there is a choice not to learn SAS and a gamut of logic has been constructed to support the view that SAS training is not worth your time and money. I would like to believe such rumors as a student because I have a crunch of both time and cash. Sad though it is but the rumors are not true and if you stay in the analytics industry, a day may come when not having a SAS certification may cost you dearly; let us see why –

  1. Validation helps your career. If you are a certified SAS professional, it adds value to your resume. One might come with an argument that true talent does not need any validation, in fact, it does. Despite the skill gap, there is a fair amount of competition and being certified really helps you land the job you want.
  2. The Financial analytics industry runs on SAS. If you have spent some time studying the analytics industry you already know that the largest chunk of the global analytics revenue comes from the finance and banking industries. Up till 2017, 80% of the banks and financial bodies had been depended on SAS. The scenario may not change too fast because no one can offer the reliability that SAS tools can. The banks are going to stick to SAS for quite some time now, and you probably do not blow your chances in that area.
  3. The corporations love SAS. Python and R have definitely blown the monopoly that had been established by SAS in the analytics and the data science scene, but SAS still holds a fair share of the market. The large corporations implementing data science often rely on SAS and the clientele of SAS is still a cause of envy. So, a SAS certification can actually help you realize the dream of a fancy corporate job.
  4. Suits the skills in demand. SAS tools are suitable for the most in-demand skills of this time, such as data mining, data warehousing, statistical analysis, etc. If you are trained with SAS a lot of opportunities open up before you. It can also work as a good platform if you are interested in further expanding your repertoire of languages.

Surveys have shown that a combined skill set consisting of SAS, R and Python skills can really turn you into a hot cake for the employers. There you have another reason that is better salaries and more opportunities.

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