4 Devices That Support Plex Seedbox Server


Plex is definitely a brilliant choice for media lovers who have a wide collection of movies, web series, music, and other media files. Do you belong to the same group of people who love to stream media files even during their weekend? If so, then you must know that not every device you use for the Plex media server is efficient.

Before we begin with the devices that support the Plex Seedbox server, you need to know that Plex is integrated with two parts – Plex Media Server App and Plex Media Player App. The former is responsible for establishing a connection to the video files and sending them to the Plex media player apps.

In this blog, we are more concerned about the Plex media server and its supporting devices. Let’s talk about them in detail.


4 Devices That Provide Wonderful Experience On Plex Media Server

  1. Desktops or Laptops: Desktop or laptop is mainly recommended for the power it provides. It is just amazing to run a Plex media server on desktops or laptops as it offers a comfortable experience to the users. However, there is no use of using a laptop for this job if there isn’t enough charge available in it.

Are you expecting more than one person to access the media server at the same time? In that case, selecting a desktop irrespective of its size will be the perfect option.

  1. Android TV: Android devices never was the partner of Plex until its introduction to the Nvidia Shield. The Nvidia Shield and it’s Pro version work the best when it comes to streaming of files on Plex Seedbox. Just connect the media server with the USB ports and you can enjoy streaming your content.
  2. Raspberry Pi: Raspberry Pi is another friendly device that allows users to stream media files. This is primarily used by the users who love to accomplish their job while traveling. Because of its high portable feature and cheap access, the device is highly appreciated by the users. However, the device lacks in CPU power. Some prominent examples are Raspberry Pi 2 is featured with 900MHz quad-core processor, Cortex A7, Raspberry Pi 3 with 1.2 GHz processor, ARM Cortex A53.
  3. NAS Drives: NAS drives plays the role of a perfect streaming partner for the remote users. Do you want to access Plex remotely? Perhaps this would be your best choice. The best thing about these drives is you can access some customized versions to serve your purpose. These include Synology, Netgear, QNAP, unRAID, Drobo, Asustor, Seagate, Terra Master, and Western Digital.

The Bottom Line

Friends, you can choose any of the above-mentioned devices to perform your job on Plex. But make sure you are making your choice according to your usage as mentioned. For example, if you love streaming while traveling then Raspberry Pi is the best option.


So, stop admiring how your friends are having a good experience on the Seedbox media server. Embrace the tips and enjoy the same at your place as well.

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