3 Skills Global Certification Industry is Aiming at in 2K18

9 out of every 10 CEOs claim they don’t see any business impact as such of behavioral change programs and corporate learning. Does that mean the microlearning, leadership development, and training initiatives by international credentialing leaders are slated for doom in the near future?

No. Don’t believe that. Believe what Alvin Toffler (American businessman, work futurist, and writer) has to say- the future belongs to those who have the ability to learn and unlearn. Change leaders have to understand the nitty-gritty of the corporate world and how impact creation changes form with time. The three skills to stay ahead of the competition are:

Digital Designer: Mobile is going big. No, not literally but learning on mobile is being leveraged or planned to be leveraged by 90% of organizations. The overwhelming decision to be made is what technology to use for enhancement of learning and development initiatives. You mustn’t necessarily be an IT expert but an astute understanding is a must about what resources you have and what needs to be brought.

Keeping the international credentialing leaders in the center, draw a circle of the capabilities and skills you need to provide the employees with. Check with those international credentialing leaders in the global certification industry about the courses, specializations, and capability-building models which add flexibility, innovation, and speed to the experience of learning. More importantly, team structures are shifting constantly and organizations, in order to become successful, have to stick to collaborative solutions. Digital learning has to grab all eyeballs depending upon the short-attention span of today’s generation.

Behavioral Economics: Every economic outcome is always almost backed by behavioral sciences. The psychology that goes behind why customers buy what they buy is utterly significant in driving home consciousness of learning. You have to inculcate a hunger for continuous learning in actions, habits, and intentions of different individuals.

Global certification industry is endeavoring to change how pedagogical sciences and credentialing is related to behavioral economics and psychology and seeing a middle ground to streamline them together. The critical point never goes out of fashion- be it traditional or modern- about the improvement and development of business impact demonstration.

Learning. And learning. And then some more learning: If you wish to see more leaders in your organizational dimensions, it goes without saying that you need to have people who are ready to learn at the pace of change of the world. Being a passive observer won’t take you anywhere. Be ready to create and optimize learning experience to be collaborative, practical, and set in accordance with short booster course.

A desire to keep learning and letting go of traditional methods that no longer serve the purpose is necessary for reskilling and upskilling. Keep in touch with the latest technological advancements and conceptual paradigms which are responsible for transforming your industry. See if those transformations will need new skills and check how to search for certification powerhouses to provide in-house certifications for those skills.

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