3 Essential Photography Tips to Keep in Mind Before Going for a Wildflower Photo Tour in China

Nowadays, photography has become more of a passion than a skill. With wide opportunities available everywhere, it has become possible to hone photography skills even without taking lessons. But of course, admittedly, nature has to be the first and foremost subject that every photographer tries their hand at. Be it the beautiful flowers in full bloom or the picturesque landscapes of mountains and valleys, nature has plenty to offer at the least amount of finances spent. And this is why people are looking for new nature locations every time they go out for a vacation.

wildflower photography

If you have chosen Southwest China because of its amazing location that is conducive to rich flower growth, then you should take all the advantages that the place provides you and work according to the location setting and lighting. Fortunately, since China is blessed with an ample amount of gorgeous landscapes and botanical gardens, it makes your job, even as an amateur photographer much easier. To make it a more successful venture, you can take help of these additional steps.

To ensure that you can fully use these tips without trouble at the location, you can also practice it beforehand to master each style. Remember to play with what nature has provided you in your own hometown before going for a photo tour all the way to China. Although many travel agencies offer guides that provide assistance when you undertake photography on the field, it is always better to go a little prepared yourself. Below are a few tips that might help:

1. Depth of Field:

Before everything else, practice working with your depth of field. This ensures that the sharpness in your image is of utmost quality, especially in the areas where you require it in the image. For instance, for flower photography many people try out a shallow depth, which makes only a selected portion come out sharp against a blurred, mellowed backdrop. If you are an amateur, you can try changing the aperture in your camera to a wide one like f/4 or f/2.8 and practice with the setting in appropriate places like flower parks or gardens. For professionals, the best option is to use telephoto lens.

2. Cheat Tricks for Amateurs:

If you want high quality pictures, but do not have enough time to learn difficult technicalities of the camera, then as an amateur you can try out some cheat tricks which make the picture look professional quality. For example, one can try the chiaroscuro effect. Essentially, what this means is that instead of playing with the camera settings, you have to play with the light and shadow in the sky. For this, remember that an overcast sky gives the most amount of benefit. The alternate shots of sunshine and shade amongst the clouds make for the most beautiful pictures. Another cheat tip is to use the blurred effect. To make this effect materialize, all you have to do is focus on the subject flower through another flower. This is an easy trick that can be practiced at home with different objects too! However, to make it seem more dimensional and abstract, make sure that the subject flower is of another color than the secondary flower.

3. Different Lightings During the Day:

Since the flower beds in China are spread open under the wide stretched sky, naturally its appearance also changes on how the lighting of the sky changes during the day. As a photographer, you have to ask yourself which setting during the day gives you the most amount of picture satisfaction. Usually, the most used setting is that of the delicate sun effect, which is best captured just before sunrise or sunset. But more than sunrise, for up and coming photographers, sunset definitely is the better option because of the gorgeous backlight that it provides. This is basically an effect that light up the flowers from behind, thus giving out a glow effect in the picture formed.

Intrigued already? Then practice new tricks like these and arrange for a wildflower photography tour today!

Author Bio: Whether you are an experienced photographer or a newbie, there are always a few extra steps that you can take to make your activity more successful. Writing on these helpful steps is Mark Collins, a veteran blogger on wildflower photography and its tours in China.

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