2018 Event Trends that will Shape the Event Industry

From new innovation to new technologies, there are a lot of new approaches for event professionals be excited for in the coming years, and the timing couldn’t be better. Event management Singapore plans on increasing their investment in event technology.

Here we suggest you some latest trends:

1. Attendee Experience

One of the event management trends that came up repeatedly and the most important one was the overall attendee experience. Thinking logistically about the attendee experience is one of the most important factors that should be considered when planning an event. It is very essential the event team be able to place themselves in the attendee’s place to ensure they meet or better yet exceed expectations to create a successful event. But attendee expectations go far beyond the decoration and food. Their experience starts right from the very first event invitation through to the last follow-ups, and every interaction affects their perception of the value they get from the event. Attendees are looking more effortless journey across their entire experience.

2. Event Technology

Event technology is now much more practical and comprehensive, spanning across the entire event cycle. This allows for the complete event experience of attendees to be increased through better communication, personalization, and real-time interaction and In today’s Smartphone-centric world, consumers have come to expect at least this form of treatment.

3. Artificial Intelligence & Chatbots

With 95% of Smartphone users using a text or messaging app every day, the interface is naturally an event management trend for event organizers in Singapore to use to customize attendee communication. Apps can now be designed with customer service plug-in and chatbots to answer attendee queries. They’re easy to deploy on multiple platforms.

4. Using drones for filming and security

Video gives events to life like never before with new technologies and capabilities. Drones give event planners and customers the ability to record and stream the action from new heights.T hey are just not only perfect for broadcasting your event, but they also provide you the ability of security too.

5. Crowd shaping your events in real time

It is one of the big event management trends that will transform the industry for years to come. Like if music genre, venue temperature, and music volume on the spot change based on the mood of your guests then it will shape your event to another level.

These new tends to have the ability through the use of Smartphone and wearable technologies, which collect this data in real time. MTM Events planners have creative ideas and with that creativity, they have the ability to transform the idea into something tangible.

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