2 Great Tips on How to Prioritize Certain Things for Finding Cheap Homecoming Dresses


Homecoming is all about the celebration, nostalgia, and reunions. It happens just once every year and that is why everyone is too excited to be a part of it. It is one of the most beautiful memories one can have as you would get to meet so many of your old friends, seniors, and juniors. It will be walking down the memory lane. You will discover who’s up to what right now and so on. And you would definitely want to capture some of these ecstatic moments in your camera lens as well. So, you should definitely aim to look fantastic for this event. Are you worried that you don’t quite have a generous budget for this? Well, who says you need a budget to be a diva? You can be absolutely stunning in a limited budget as well. All you have to do is pick the right dress.

When you are short of cash for your homecoming look, you have to prioritize a little. This is how you are going to get the desired look without drilling a huge hole in your pocket. So, how do you prioritize? There are several categories out of which you have to select one. For instance, if you are prioritizing the color of the dress according to your skin tone or the kind of occasion, then stick to it and try to cut down on the styling. This effectively brings down the cost of the dress. Or if you are concerned about your shape and want to opt for a certain cut, then stick to that because different colored fabrics again have different prices.

So, here are some of the categories that you have to prioritize while budgeting your homecoming look and lay your hands on the perfectly cheap homecoming dresses. Check it out now.

Choice of Colors over the Style or Cut

First of all, decide on the color. If you think that you have a cooler skin tone, then you can stick to colors like blue, green, nudes, champagne, ivory, coral, and so on. On the other, if you have a warmer skin tone, you should go for brighter shades like red, orange, fuchsia, yellow, and so on. When you have a beautiful hue that matches your skin tone, you don’t have to do much more in order to style yourself. You will look chic and nice without doing much. And since the color is prioritized over the style and cut, the price will also go down. So, this is a smart way of dealing with a low-budget homecoming.

Style & Cut over the Color

The next thing that you must choose is the style or the cut of the dress. If you think that the color of the dress does not really matter to you as long as your beautiful features are highlighted and the flaws effectively camouflaged, you can do with any neutral, classic color. Pick a dress according to your body type. You should know that there are several kinds of body shapes, right from pear, apple, hourglass, rectangle, and so on. If you are a pear-shaped girl, you need to take away focus from the lower portion and focus more on the upper half. So, you can pick something which has a detailed neckline or styling in the torso area. On the other hand, if you have the apple shape, you have to distract people from your upper half and focus on the lower. You can flaunt your long, slender, and toned legs if you want in a short dress or a thigh-slit number. You can also wear a tight-fitted skirt that reflects your well-shaped lower silhouette.

So, you can opt for one of these and you will see that you have actually managed to fit in your homecoming look within the budget.

Author Bio: Sally Jose, a fashion blogger, here writes on 2 tips on how to prioritize certain things in your look so as to find the right cheap homecoming dresses.


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