10 Useful Property Maintenance Tips

property maintenance

While owning a house, there also comes the responsibility of home maintenance. Home maintenance tasks require a lot of hard work and systematic planning and which should not be left neglected. When maintenance is performed regularly, it not only saves you of costly repairs, it keeps your home neat, clean, safe and well-maintained. Each part of your home needs maintenance from the gutters, carpets, appliances, plumbing to painting.

1. Exterminate pests

Protect yourself from termites. Inspect the wood in your home for signs of termite attack. If you find the wood to be rotting, then you need assistance, professional pest control from property maintenance in Dubai to get them exterminated.

2. Check for water damage and leaks

Check for leaks in pipes and faucets. Look for signs of water leaks in bathrooms, ceilings, windows, showers, toilets and also under sinks, water heaters. When not detected early, they can lead to costly repairs in a later stage. Inspect washing machine hoses and replace them if they show signs of water leaks. Check your toilet cistern for leaks. In case of a leak, you need to replace the flapper. Seal leaky doors and windows that are prone to damage from outer elements.

3. Change AC filters

You need to change your HVAC filters regularly in order to cut energy bills. At least onceĀ  a year, make sure to have an annual maintenance check-up for your AC unit in order to see it function efficiently. Otherwise you may run the risk of the unit breaking down on a peak summer.

4. Clean refrigerator coils

Clean your refrigerator condenser coils with a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust, debris, dirt and grease. The coils which help the fridge to cool down should not be laden with dust and dirt. They make the fridge work harder to get colder or overheated, thus making the appliance inefficient and incurring more running costs.

5. Flush water heater

Check your water heater for signs of rust or leakage. Once a year, flush the water in your water heater to remove sediments and other build-up. When sediments build-up it reduces the efficiency of the heater and can clog the drain valve.

6. Clean gutters

Clogged gutters can cause leaks to your property. Hence in a routine fashion, you need to inspect for any clogging in the gutters. Gutters can easily become clogged with dry leaves and debris. Trapped water will find its way eventually into the building through the roofs, windows, small holes or any other openings. Purchase gutter guards that allow only water to pass through while not allowing the large debris to pass through.

7. Paint exteriors

If you notice paint has come of the exterior wall, then sand it and repaint it again. Otherwise it may lead to more damage and incur more costs by the rain penetrating through it, rotting the wood inside it and causing mold growth. Paint your exteriors in summer and avoid winter months.

8. Repair window screen damage

Inspect all window and door screens for holes. As window screens can easily get torn, you need to repair them or replace the old with a new screen.

9. Clean your carpets and ceiling fans

Clean your carpets and ceiling fans regularly. Vacuum your carpets and wipe the fan blades with a mixture of water and distilled vinegar using a pillow case.

10. Deep clean

At once a year, do a deep clean for your property. Deep cleaning once a year will help you to maintain your home well. You can avail the home cleaning services in Dubai to deep clean your home.


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