10 Positive ways to deal with the exam stress.

Stress- It is probably the most dangerous thing, which can make lives of students a living hell. Exam stress is as real as it can get. Every year students all over the globe get to sit in examinations. These examination take a toll on their mental health by causing them a lot of stress. This stress is caused by the impending sense of doom when students think about the results of their examinations. Due to our society’s craze for high grades students are pressured to give their best and to score stellar grades. This gives them extreme stress and anxiety. Taking stress at this young age can be very damaging for many students, they get sick. Stress induces many diseases both mental and physical. Studies show that people who take more than necessary stress are more prone to get an early offset of many terrible diseases such has coronary heart disease, hypertension and depression. To avoid all these diseases and many more students must learn positive ways to deal with exam induced stress. Here is a comprehensive list of things students can do to manage and deal with stress:

  1. When studying, do not sit for long hours, take planned breaks. If you continuously study something, your brain won’t be able to retain all the information and you may just be wasting your time learning things when your brain is not ready to learn. Take a break every time you feel that you’ve had enough. Now what to do when you take a break? Play some sort of game, either do a crossword or play some arcade game that you have downloaded on your phone. This will help you relax and also improve your concentration. If you don’t want to do anything then you can also take power naps. In your twenty minute break, set the alarm and doze off.
  2. Do not skip on exercising during exam season. That’s when you need it the most. Keep up with your exercising schedule. This will help you take your mind off the exam and you will be able to freshen up. Exercise is known to change your mood and make you feel lighter and more relaxed. Once you return back from your exercise you’ll be fresh and more productive.
  3. Do things that relax you. Are you a big fan of movies? Then hit the cinemas along with your friends and watch a movie you’ve been meaning to watch for a long time.  Looking at your novels longingly aren’t you? It’s okay to read a chapter (or two) every night to calm down your nerves. If you’re not a reader and a movie goer then you can go and hangout with your friends. Have a day out with them and try forgetting about your exams for a short while. When the stress gets top much it’s wise to move away from the stimulus causing you the stress.
  4. Sleep is a blessing. To manage your stress you need to make sure your sleeping routine is not disturbed and that are not sleep deprived. If you are sleep deprived and are studying at the time you are supposed to sleep then that will only add more to your stress. Sleep works as a relaxant and lowers down your stress levels. If you are sleepy while you are studying you will not be able to retain much and will loose all that you are trying to study. This will set you back in your exam preparations and make you less productive. Don’t compromise on your sleep and try to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep.
  5. Listen to music. Music as per research is a great stress reliever. Music can help you calm down and relax your nerves. It can also help you be more productive. By playing loud music you can keep yourself awake and avoid being lazy. According to students music also helps them focus better. So the next time you’re stressed, plug in your headphones and jam away to your playlist.
  6. Be organized. When you have everything cluttered around, your brain is also cluttered. You are not able to think straight and forget things. You must be organized and arrange everything in order to avoid being confused. Before your exams approach try to tidy up your room and arrange your books and study material neatly. Other than this you must also make sure that you make a schedule for studying. Plan everything and be lenient with yourself don’t try to cram many things in one day. Think of yourself as a human and plan accordingly. Once you have organized everything you’ll be free of any extra stress.
  7. Stay positive. Let’s be real staying positive when you have exams plaguing your life can be very difficult. But see it’s difficult and not impossible. Nothing is impossible. You can try being positive and trust yourself. There’s nothing you cannot do. You just need to try harder. Look on the positive side of things. Staying optimistic in life can bring you many good things. Every time you start doubting yourself, try to counter it by telling yourself that you can do it.
  8. Don’t equate your worth with the marks you get. You are much more than your results. Never run after your grades but run after knowledge. Your grades won’t even matter in a few years but what will stay by your side will be the knowledge you acquire. Don’t spend your time stressing over your mediocre grades. Spend that time working on improving them.  Prioritize yourself over your exams. Your mental health matters more than anything else. You cannot risk it for some grade. If are facing extreme difficulty in writing your essay it is best to take help from an expert. Take help form the Best Essay Writing Service UK. Do not stress yourself.
  9. Maintain a healthy diet. What has eating got to do with stress? You may ask. Eating a balanced diet will give you the energy you need to study. If you have the right amount of energy you will be able to study productively and reach all your goals. You’ll be able to maintain a good mood if your stomach is full and you will not be hangry.
  10. Breathe properly. Breathing helps you release held back tension. If you learn to breathe properly by doing different breathing exercises you’ll be able release exam related stress. Look up different breathing exercises you can do and learn them so that you can do them whenever you feel that your stress levels are rising.

Do not be quite when you are face to face with rising stress levels. Try to avoid taking stress but if it seems impossible then you must try and deal with it positively. Do not neglect it and let it go. Address it and give it your complete attention if the situation gets out of hand you can take help from an expert. There is absolutely no harm in going to professional with your mental problems. They are very experienced and will provide you with expert help. It is still seen as a taboo in many societies, going to psychiatrists or psychotherapists. But it’s the 21 century and people are getting more and more open to mental health issues. So don’t worry and try all that you can do to address this grave issue.  

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